TCS Announces Further Enhancements To DIGIVFAV B2 PRO

In collaboration with film partner Deprosa, Bagel’s XEHT technology (X-tream Efficient Heat Transfer) has increased the roller surface by 50% and the contact surface between film and roller by 130%.

“XEHT reduces energy consumption, something many print operations take into consideration when making new purchases,” explains Dean Stayne, Sales Manager, Terry Cooper Services. “But more significantly it improves film and print behaviour during the laminate process resulting in less paper waste and greater production efficiency.”

The ultra-compact DIGIFAV series is capable of speeds up to 4,000 sheets an hour or 30 meters per minute, up from the previous model’s 22 meters per minute. It offers a greater format size of 530 x 750 mm and a lower working temperature that is 15% less than the DIGIFAV B2. The flexible DIGIFAV B2 PRO ensures consistent quality and significantly reduces waste.

For more information contact TCS on 0115 970 2248,