EBA 551-06 year 2005


              • hydraulic precision drive for blade and clamping
              • spindle guided electro-mechanical backgauge drive for precise positioning
              • infinitely adjustable clamping pressure with display (min. 200 / max. 1100 daN)
              • false clamp plate
              • electronic hand wheel with infinitely variable speed for fine adjustment of backgauge (53 mm/s)
              • foot pedal for pre-clamping or cutting line indicator
            • optical cutting line indicator with LEDs
          • durable stainless steel working surface for front and rear table
        • blade made of high quality HSS steel
      • hydraulic swing cut
    • solid steel blade carrier guided on both sides, adjustable
  • sturdy cast iron frame
  • adjustable blade depth
  • mobile on castors