New film changer entirely revolutionary

When laminating on a daily basis multiple digital jobs, there may be moments when you want even a lighter process. So we painstakingly designed a new double film changer, to expand on lamination versatility and avoid critical heavy weight film loads and unloads each time we begin a new job.

It lets you have two film reels simultaneously and swap effortlessly and instantly from one to the other. And while this device is unlike anything in the market, using the double changer for the first time feels familiar right from the start.

There is no more need to change reel forty times a day, which it weights up to 25 kilos each. We give you the freedom to set up consumables once and forget about it for days and even weeks.

Bagel Systems, Spanish based equipment manufacturer, it was funded with the collaboration of Ernst Nagel GmbH (Stuttgart). Its main activity is to develop and manufacture added value laminating equipment for graphic arts and packaging industry. Exclusively sold through TCS in the UK.