Premier Unloader for Stack Handling

The Premier unloading system makes it much easier to unload cut reams of paper from the guillotine into a perfect pile directly onto the pallet.  It is no longer necessary to take off the finished products laboriously by hand, they are simply pushed onto the ait table bed then automatically lowered onto the pallet. Whilst the unloading is taking place this leaves the operator free to carry on cutting the next ream. As the cut blocks travel towards the pallet two side clamps gentle squeeze the stack to keep it stable, once off loaded onto the pallet the side clamps release then close again this lightly jogs the pile into a perfect aligned stack. The unloading table has variable speed for unloading “tricky” stocks of paper and the return travel speed is also increased to improve production output.

SpecificationCCM Premier 1050CCM Premier 1450
Max. paper format900mm x 1200mm1050mm x 1650mm
Max. layer height160mm160mm
Max. pile height including pallet1100mm1100mm
Max. layer weight200kg300kg
Min. pallet height 130mm130mm
Power 3.5kw4kw
Air supply6 Bar6 Bar
Air consumption3/min4/min
Machine sizeL 3540 x W 2180 x H 2580mm
Machine weight1850Kg2500Kg