LC 180 Label punching machine

Die cutting machine LC 180

Who is it made for?

LC180 is used for die cutting of different shapes of labels, booklets, cards, stickers, note

pads, in mould labels and similar

How it works?

The standard equipped machine material is pushed by a hydraulic piston through a steel die (the die shape varies depending on final product shape). The standard  machine is equipped with arms to position the die against the paper, the loading area is protected with two safety photocell barriers. The curtain automatically starts the stroke of machine when operator positions the material and removes hands from the machine.

The waste paper drops automatically to the bin and cut labels are pushed through the die to a metal receiver delivery.

When having optional counterpress device the the material is placed in front of the die and when the ream is reaching the die edge it is counter pushed by pneumatic cylinder to prevent curling. The finished product must be remove from the same position as it was loaded before cut. This does however reduce the maximum machine output.

When do you need to use counterpress?

We recommend it for:

 product requiring highest precision of cut

 inmould labels and plastics

 for larger size product cutting

 for flexible material which can be curly




Technical data
Maximum block size180 x 180 mm
Minimum block size20 x 20 mm
Maximum height of punched blockup to 150 mm
Maximum waste material stripe10mm
Pressure of piston2,800kg
Strokes per minute15
Power supply3 Phase, 400V, 50Hz, 3 KW
DimensionsStandard: 2170mm x 840 mm x height 1250-1450 (adjustable)
With counterpress 1750 mm x 840 mm x height 1250-1450 mm (adjustable)
Weight 380 kg
Noise level 66dB