Sargolia FUB foil blocking machine

FUB foil blocking machine

The Saroglia FUB automatic die cutting platen is a three-in one- foil blocking, die cutting and embossing machine, which has been a European market leader since it was first introduced in 1970.

The main body of the machine uses the concept of a rise and fall platen, built from cast iron offering 110,000 Kg of cutting pressure.

By introducing a sheet feeder and delivery unit the Saroglia increases its productivity to 2,700 sheets per hour. The wheel away feeder offers a new level of automation and faster make ready times. The operator has space to set up a job without using the feeder – by only using the platen to proof registration, waste is reduced. Once the job has been passed the operator re-introduces the feeder ready for automated production.

The MEC Saroglia handles a range of paper weights from 80g/m2 to 1,800 g/m2 , flat cardboard up to 3mm and corrugated cardboard up to 5mm,various plastic materials PVC and polypropylene. When the machine is supplied with a hot foil stamping and embossing unit, this special application is ideal for high quality labels such as perfumes, jewellery, confectionery, book covers and so on.

An automatic non-stop high pile delivery allows the work to be transferred directly onto a standard pallet (ideal for longer run lengths) reducing operator intervention.

Die cutting and folding of PVC and poly prop can be assisted if necessary with the introduction of a heated plate. The cutting form is mounted on a suitable frame and fixed into the machine – for smaller work an adjustable chase is used. A 50 HRC plate fitted to the movable plane ensures accuracy and minimal wear from the die cutting pressure.

  • Fast makereadies
  • Automatic lubrication
  • 3-in-1 machine
  • 15 minute changeovers
  • Full colour touch screen
  • Job memory
Max. paper size 56x74 cm (22”x29”)
Min. paper size18 x 27 cm (7”x9,5”)
Inside chase51x71 cm (20”x28”)
Pile feed height81 cm (31”)
Pile discharged height18 cm (7,2”)
Pressure power110.000 Kg
Mechanical speedFrom 900 to 2.700 strokes/h
Net weight4.160 Kg
Dimensions142x260 cm (55”x102”)
For fibreboardfrom 80 to 1.800 gr/m2
For corrugated boardup to 4/5 mm