Endevor Matrix Creasing machine

The Endevor Matrix  creasing machine has been  built using cast iron throughout insuring build quality and durability. All parts are protected by special scratch and acid resistant paint.

Two models are available:-

Normal & Super (each model can have feeders fitted at any time depending on run lengths )

The difference is the working speed

Production varies according to the creasing number.

For the normal model about 3500  copies per hour (based on A4 sheet single crease)

For the super model about 7000 copies  per hour (based on A4 sheet single crease)

As an option it is possible to request diffent perforating tools

Tool replacement is very quick

  • Maximum working width 500 mm.
  • ENDEVOR is a new designed  machine, easy and practical set-up ensures little or no waste is generated when handling printed matter. Designed to process even minimal numbers of copies, in especially fast times, it is especially suitable for creasing paper printed on digital machines.
  • ENDEVOR is extremely easy to use; sheets are inserted manually and fed through automatically.
  • Computerized control allows programming of up to 50 different channels, each of which can contain a maximum of 100 creasing positions (stations).
  • The machine is equipped with a creasing comb for paper up to 250 g., and special creasing tools or perforating combs are available on request.Connectable with following MODULAR FEEDERS:
  • Atlantis
  • Predator
  • FR 52





Technical specificationsENDEVORENDEVOR SUPER
Length 1000 mm1000 mm
width 1000 mm1000 mm
high 1100 mm 1100 mm
weight 118Kg125Kg
Machine type Programmable Programmable
Type of crease MatrixMatrix
Maximum programs100100
Maximum quantity creases any program 100 100
Minimum distance between creases0.1 mm0.1 mm
Working table size 560 x 380 mm510mm
Maximum sheet Width 510 mm510 mm
Minimum Sheet Width10 mm10 mm
Maximum Sheet Length5000 mm5000 mm
Minimum Sheet Length120 mm 120 mm
Maximum paper weight 400 g400 g
Minimum Paper Weight80 g80 g
Speed copies (1 crease A4)2500/h6500/h