Premier 1800 Pile Turner

The Premier pile turner is used to turn stacks of paper or boards quickly and efficiently ready for the next print or finishing process. Using the alignment bar the pile can be stopped in the tilted position allowing the operator to condition the stack. Both the top and bottom platforms are slightly opened, then by turning on the air and jog modes, the pile can be perfectly aligned before completing the full turn. Centralising the pile or even swapping the pallets can easily be performed in minutes.


  • Small foot print, designed to move around the print shop.
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Prevents Material damage
  • Conditioning of the stack pile – dries inks and varnishes quickly
  • Reduces heat within the pile, removes unwanted dust particles prior to printing.



Max. format (mm)800x1200
Max. opening width (mm)1800
Min. opening width (mm)690
Plate length (mm)1290
Plate width (mm)800
Lifting capacity (Kgs)1200
Gross Power (Kw)6