Pyramid Display Materials picks CCM Premier 168

Pyramid Display Materials has elevated its service offering following investment in a CCM Premier 168 guillotine from Terry Cooper Services.Pyramid Display Materials started trading in 2002 and has continuously developed and refined its product portfolio to keep pace with the huge evolutions in the sign and display industry, driven by the advent of digital technology and advances in print and production methods.Conversion plays a large part of Pyramid’s offering to the market and it runs more than 30 pieces of machinery in its Manchester, Gateshead, Castleford and Birmingham branches.‘Accuracy of cutting is essential for the either plastic or fibrous based materials that we convert,’ explained Neil McCarthy, head of sales and marketing. ‘So, when our ‘old faithful’ guillotine was finally deemed to be on it is last legs it was time to source a replacement.‘We traditionally purchased refurbished second hand guillotines but when we saw the  new CCM 168 Premier guillotine we were convinced a new machine was the right decision. It combined a sturdy and accurate piece of kit with a competitive price.’