Folio Albums Picks Picture Perfect Premier From TCS

Fine art photographic book production specialist Folio Albums has expanded its portfolio of solutions following investment in a Terry Cooper Services supplied CCM Premier 780 guillotine.Established six years ago by owner Stewart Randall, the Barnsley operation has a clean white-factory approach and prides itself on its service delivery to customers.“I am a photographer by trade but couldn’t find anywhere that produced the quality of high end books I was looking for,” Randall says. “So I set up the business. It is a very clean environment we even have mats that remove the dirt from the soles of shoes.”Central to Folio Album’s ethos is the product it delivers to its customers: “To ensure we deliver the highest quality we use the best systems, bind the books in leather and each page is individually inspected. We have customers from all over the world. They know and rely on the quality we provide. They are very loyal.”Randall chose the Premier guillotine after an extensive review of the market: “We looked at a number of systems. We wanted to broaden our services to add thicker and deeper books so we needed a guillotine that could handle those dimensions. It was easy to set up and run as well. Also TCS is a very well know company that has been around for a long time.”As for return on investment he says: “It is difficult to say but it meets a key business need. It replaced an existing guillotine and the choice was a no brainer.”He adds: “It has gone in very well and has done exactly what it is supposed to. We are now working with new customers.”