Dandy Booksellers Adds Bind Flexibility From TCS

Dandy Booksellers has expanded its service offering following investment in a Premier 420 Perfect Binder from Terry Cooper Services (TCS).

The 400bph Premier 420 binder that binds in one process was chosen to enable the London operation to complete a wider range of spine widths in house. “We wanted a system that could handle thicker spines,” explains Donna Ravenhill, Managing Director of the business established in 1992. “We could go up to 40mm with our old binder but when we were looking to replace that we wanted the ability to increase the width to 60mm.”

She continues: “We read about the CCM Premier in the trade press so decided to take a closer look. We were also sending out work that had thicker spines so it made sense to find a system that would enable us to do that inhouse. That way we no longer have to take into account the time needed to turn work around or the additional costs. We can also offer a wider range of spine thickness choices confident that we can do it in house. It has only been in a week but we think the investment in it will make a big difference.”

The specialist London bookseller is the one-stop shop for official and business publications, supplying titles from a range of publishers, distributors, government departments and international agencies. These include the British Standards Institution (BSI), The Stationery Office (TSO), Office for National Statistics (ONS), Health and Safety Executive (HSE), United Nations (UN), OECD, Ordnance Survey and IMO Publications. It has a Dangerous Goods Books section and has published the 51st Edition Civil Service Yearbook. It operates a Xerox J75 and a Xerox 4112.

The Premier 420 binder will also help the operation complete orders placed with its quick turnaround print on demand service.

The system features a heavy-duty design for production durability, a positive spine forming clamping and nipping station, as well as two application glue rollers for superior, efficient application. It also has an intelligent control, seven-inch touch screen menu function with self-test and diagnose capabilities.

For more information contact TCS on 0115 970 2248, sales@terrycooperservices.co.uk