Crown Litho Picks Premier 420 with Plantol Glue from TCS

Crown Litho has brought binding in house with “the next best thing to PUR” The Aldershot B2 general commercial printer chose the Premier 420 Single Clamp Perfect Binder from Terry Cooper Services because it runs Planamelt glue. Planamelt was developed by German adhesives specialist Planatol. It is suited to the digital market, for the perfect-binding of catalogues, brochures, telephone directories and magazines. It can be processed on standard hotmelt equipment without modification and is suitable for roller and nozzle application. Qualified for the adhesion of heavy grade papers up to 250gsm, it is perfect for thick and different paper grades.Says Crown Litho Managing Director Bob Avery: “Planamelt is a cost-effective solution that provides many of the benefits of PUR. It is the next best thing. A key attraction is the fact there is no need to wash up like there is with PUR. This means we can use the system as and when we need it without spending time setting it up and cleaning it down.” He adds: “I didn’t know about the glue until I started researching the market. Then I saw that Terry Cooper Services offered it on the Premier. We took a closer look and decided it was exactly what we needed.”  The single clamp system will enable the business to offer competitive fast turnaround short run perfect binding.  Explains Avery: “We were saying yes to perfect bound work but then would need to send the work out which resulted in longer turnaround times and additional costs. The Premier allows us to handle shorter runs more cost effectively. Now we are happier to quote the service.” He adds: “We expect to pick up a lot more work and because the system itself is so cost effective we think it will pay for itself very quickly.”Features of the new heavy-duty design Premier 420 include a special book clamp design for safety with adjustable cover clamping station that adapts to different kinds of cover; round or square spine corners as needed. There are two application glue rollers for superior, efficient application, auto-side gluing and automatic measuring of book thickness for greater accuracy.It is easy to operate and set up is via an intelligent control, 7 inch LCD touch screen with self-test and diagnose function.Avery concludes: “It is running perfectly. It is doing the job we want it to. We have no complaints.”