Bagel doubles laminator speed with latest Digifav upgrade

Bagel Systems is set to release its Digifav B2 v18 laminator, a development on its Digifav series designed to be “more adaptable and intelligent” than previous models.


The latest Digifav from Bagel doubles feeding speed to 40m/min

With a release date marked for 1 March, the machine’s new feeder system doubles the productivity of its predecessor – boosting top speed from 20m/min up to 40m/min. It is priced at £30,950 and has a “big brother”, the Digifav B2 Pro v18, priced at £39,500.

The new machine will be distributed in the UK by Nottingham-based Terry Cooper Services. Bagel said it was designed to compete with machines such as Komfi’s Amiga 52 and Delta 52 laminators, as well as Foliant’s Mercury and Taurus models.

“Our feeding system is more adaptable and more intelligent when it comes to dealing with different paper types,” said Bagel managing director Jordi Marti. “Our goal is not necessarily to deliver a faster laminator but instead a much more flexible and easy to use machine.”

The Digifav can handle sheets from 220x250mm up to 530×750 mm in weights from 130-350gsm.

“With our new technology, the machine works much more smoothly. There are fewer jumps, it adapts much better to non-flat paper and frees up time for the operator to look after other equipment or tasks.

“Our business model is to put a strong focus on building very robust and solid equipment, not just on the outside but also on the inside. All of our electronics are from Omron in Japan and we have the highest integration of electronic components on laminating equipment.”

Marti said the new Digifav is well-suited to applications including book covers, shopping bags, photobooks and various consumer packaging.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, 10-staff Bagel Systems plans to release updated versions of its iLam Pro, Minilam B3 and Falcon B1 laminators across 2018, as well as further undisclosed developments.